this is why it’s so disgusting and harmful that people have been trying to undermine gender dysphoria in trans communities. This is what it all builds up to: certain people would like very much to judge you based on what your gender is, instead of the quality of your character. They think that their gender is a choice and so is yours. They are, often, completely fucking wrong. One way or another, all they’re doing is reconstructing the same old bullshit. Birth assignment as destiny, gender as naturalized moral obligation. I want nothing to do with it.



I’m  not even sure what the fuck people mean when they talk about Distancing Yourself from Maleness

see apparently anything and everything I might do is unquestionably Female because I’m a trans woman, but anything some man does is unquestionably Male and Evil

am I still allowed to fuck people, swear, interrupt people in arguments, wear pants

what maleness is and is not okay, and what is and is not male, and who the fuck made you the judge of all of that

apparently you can do anything you want, gender whatever however, be all you can be and pee any way you care to pee, just don’t you dare think of yourself as male or a man, eh? that would be a moral stain no brillo pad can expunge. that and that alone is Wrong and must be Distanced From.

so as you can see there are ways in which this philosophy necessarily places everyone’s gender and gender-related personality traits, preferences, expressions, etc. under a microscope, wielded by any one of a million idiots at any given time. big step forward for trans people right fucking there. Great fucking job.


Anonymous asked:

what do you think about the idea that afab trans people should in some way align with women (like demigirls and other woman-aligned nb identities), as a political/moral obligation? or at least that it is a political/moral obligation to totally disidentify with maleness and masculinity

collaterlysisters answered:

I think that’s fucking stupid, even monstrous. All trans people should do whatever they need to do, and be whoever they need to be, in order to alleviate their (potentially life-threatening) dysphoria. And in order to be themselves. Injecting radical gender politics into what is, for many people, a life-threatening medical condition, is disgusting. Placing more responsibility on other trans people for healing our society’s sicknesses than we would on others is disgusting.

Hatred and fear of men is understandable, but I will have nothing to do with people who deal with those feelings in this way. How you are trans and what gender you are is generally a matter of survival. It has fucking nothing to do with your Moral Goodness. People who talk like this are hypocrites, because they insist on the power of individual self-definition while arbitrarily proclaiming that the “man” and “male” categories can only mean one very bad sort of thing for everyone. It is a guilty and cruel semantic shell game.

You can be a trans woman and still be a fucking rapist. You can be a man and be a damn decent man. Ultimately, no one can live (or at least, live well) while trying to be something they aren’t. And every single one of us deserves that kind of comfort and normalcy. It is a terrible fucking place to demand Moral Action and I can’t tell you how unhappy it makes me to see people doing just that.